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    Peace and security in Africa: Drivers and implications of North Africa’s southern gaze

African and European institutions are torn between managing urgent crises and tackling the structural causes and consequences of violent conflict. Our Security and Resilience programme works to support development of effective and sustainable ways to prevent conflict and build peace, and promotes strategic partnerships between Africa and Europe.

African and European policymakers are often faced with a choice between short-term responses to violent conflict or investment in structural engagements that build sustainable peace and prevent violent conflict. Within the European Union (EU) there is a pressing urgency for strategic engagement to prevent and respond to violent conflicts abroad.

Peace and security also remain high on the African Union (AU)’s agenda, and securing predictable support for AU-mandated peace and security operations is a priority. But geopolitical shifts, COVID-19, migration pressures, climate change and the consequences of a growing vulnerability in deprived parts of the continent will all have a bearing on how Africa and Europe deal with peace and security.

What we do

  • We analyse European conflict-related policies and instruments, and promote integrated approaches among European peace and security actors.
  • We contribute to discussions and research on peace and security in Africa.
  • We look at Africa-Europe cooperation on peace and security.
  • We explore the links between peace and security and gender, the private sector and climate.

Specific regions we focus on are sub-Saharan Africa and the Horn of Africa but, increasingly, we are also looking at North Africa. Themes we work on include resilience in the face of environmental degradation, conflict and governance failure, women and mediation, conflict prevention and peacebuilding, European and international responses to conflict and protracted crisis, and African structures and mechanisms dealing with conflict and crises on the continent.

For more information about our recent activities and projects, have a look at our 2021 work plan or our 2020 annual report.

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