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The EU is dealing with a number of challenges close to home, while at the same time seeking to play a more significant global role. Our EU foreign and development policy team explores the implications of the EU’s growing geopolitical focus and wants to contribute to more coherent and integrated EU foreign and development policy.

Our work

Topics we look at include:

  • EU cooperation with Africa and international institutions
  • Collaboration and coordination between EU member states – particularly within the ‘Team Europe’ approach
  • Gender, green transition and digitalisation aspects of EU foreign and development policy
  • The EU’s financial resources for development and international cooperation – particularly the NDICI-Global Europe instrument

More information

The EU foreign and development policy workstream is part of the ‘Europe and Africa in the world’ cluster.

For more information about our work, get in touch with Alexei Jones or have a look at ECDPM’s 2022-2023 work plan.

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