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    Bringing African digital interests into the spotlight

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    The EU’s digital talk in 2022 needs financial walk

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    Working with the private sector for sustainable digital transformation

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    Building strategic European digital cooperation with Africa

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    Digitalisation in humanitarian aid: Opportunities and challenges in forgotten crises

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    Strengthening the digital partnership between Africa and Europe

Cooperation between Africa and Europe stands to benefit from digital technologies. Yet, without the right resources, policies and infrastructure, there’s a risk of worsening digital divides and of digital technologies being misused. Our digital economy and governance team wants to promote digital cooperation within and between Africa and Europe as a way to advance sustainable development.

Our work

Topics we look at include:

  • The EU’s geostrategic interests in its digital cooperation with Africa
  • The role of of digital tools in African regional integration
  • Digital infrastructure investments and financial services
  • Digital regulation and governance
  • Digital transformation for human development

More information

The digital economy and governance workstream is part of the ‘Europe and Africa in the world’ cluster.

For more information about our work, get in touch with Chloe Teevan or have a look at ECDPM’s 2022-2023 work plan.

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