Making policies work
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    Connecting African markets and people: Streamlining regional trade and free movement protocols

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    What does the AfCFTA mean for an EU-Africa trade agreement?

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    A system, not an error: Informal cross-border trade in West Africa

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    The AfCFTA and industrialisation: From policy to practice

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    A political economy analysis of the Nacala and Beira corridors

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    The political economy of Africa’s regional ‘spaghetti bowl’ – Synthesis report

Africa’s continental free trade area has created a single market of goods and services in a continent of 1.3 billion people, but achieving the goal of an integrated and prosperous Africa will be no easy task for policymakers. Our African economic integration team seeks to explore the dynamics around regional integration and understand how policies can adapt to who or what is driving or blocking progress.

Our work

Topics we look at include:

  • Regional and continental trade in Africa – including the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
  • The political economy dynamics of Africa’s regional organisations
  • Cross-border corridor initiatives – including transport
  • Industrialisation and economic development

More information

The African economic integration workstream is part of the ‘sustainable African economies and climate action’ cluster.

For more information about our work, get in touch with Bruce Byiers or have a look at ECDPM’s 2022-2023 work plan.

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