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EU leaders cannot afford climate change ‘oblivion’ as heated debate on 2030 targets begins

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Today EU leaders meet for a heated debate on specific targets for 2030 on climate change and energy.

The European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) is doing considerable work on EU climate Change policy and its impact on Europe and the developing world.

ECDPM Feature articles:

EU cannot afford climate change ‘oblivion’

EU member states continue to be divided over the 2030 climate and energy policy proposals made by the European Commission. On one hand, those from the Green Growth Group want clarity on the targets, as this would attract investment and increase the EU’s influence in international climate talks. Coal-reliant nations, meanwhile, argue exactly the opposite: setting an ambitious target would “leave the bloc with no cards to play.”

Run-up to 2015: A Moment of Truth for EU External Climate Action?

Despite ambitious funding targets and a range of foreign policy tools to push the climate change agenda, there are concerns that EU climate leadership is melting down.

EU leaders are struggling to find common ground on binding targets for renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions cuts and energy efficiency for 2030.

President Juncker’s move to merge climate action and energy under one single Commissioner has raised concerns that energy security will dominate EU’s agenda.

Not the Climate Hero that the EU and the World Needs to Win the Battle Against Climate Change

Amidst huge public controversy, this week’s European Parliamentary hearing of Miguel Arias Cañete allowed the public to also get a glimpse of Mr. Cañete’s vision for climate change action and energy.  Although he provided reasonable and professional answers, his political track record and lack of innovative ideas do not seem to make Juncker’s choice a promising one.

ECDPM has a number of experts available on various issues related to EU Climate Change policy.

  • Alisa Herrero Cangas, Policy Officer Strengthening European External Action Programme

  • Hanne Knaepen, Policy Officer Food Security Programme and Institutional Relations & Partnerships Programme

To arrange for interviews or for more information, please contact ECDPM’s Communications Officer, Emily Barker on +32 (0)2 237 43 81 or +32 (0)474 12 34 73 or

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