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ECDPM in top 20 percent for funding transparency


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ECDPM is one of only 31 think tanks to be given a five-star rating for clearly stating where their funding comes from.

After looking at 169 think tanks, the organisation Transparify found more than a hundred institutions disclose little or no information on who funds them.

For the second time in a row, ECDPM have been given the gold standard rating – part of only eight organisations to receive this rating in the European Union.

“Think tanks can play a positive role producing independent, in-depth policy research to inform politicians, media and the public,” said Dr Hans Gutbrod, the executive director of Transparify: “As key players in democratic politics, they have a responsibility to be transparent about their operations. Encouragingly, our survey shows that think tanks themselves are increasingly sharing this view.”

Compared to last year the think tank sector in the European Union countries moved towards greater transparency during 2014, albeit at a slower pace than in other regions. 

Flexible funding allows the ECDPM to fulfil its mandate as an independent and non-partisan foundation at the policymaking interface between the EU and its partners in the South. 

ECDPM’s core funder is the government of the Netherlands. Its other institutional partners are Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland. 

ECDPM has carried out several projects funded by the European Commission, most of them strategic and thematic evaluations.

To arrange for interviews or for more information, please contact ECDPM’s Communications Officer, Emily Barker on +32 (0)2 237 43 81 or +32 (0)474 12 34 73 or

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