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Clarification from Geert Laporte


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The ACP Secretariat on Facebook used a quote by ECDPM’s deputy director, Geert Laporte, which was not entirely correct.

He said: “Thank you for stimulating the discussions on the future of the ACP-EU Partnership. The way in which my contribution to BRIDGES was quoted by the ACP Secretariat on Facebook is not entirely correct. 

“The Facebook update stated that “the author argues that the ACP-EU partnership is ‘defunct, obsolete’.” The article in BRIDGES was based on a speech delivered at the ACP House on the occasion of ACP Day on 6 June 2014. At no stage, have I said in my speech that the ACP were defunct or obsolete. 

“In the introduction to the article that was edited by BRIDGES the wording “getting defunct” was used, which expresses certain fears that the ACP-EU cooperation may be losing relevance in a rapidly changing global context. Both the speech and the article are constructive attempts to bring somewhat more realism in the ambitious future perspectives for the ACP Group and the ACP-EU cooperation Post 2020.”

The original speech can be found here: The Challenges of Global Governance and the Emerging World Order: What Role for the ACP-EU Partnership