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African agriculture: what about the RECs? – 11th CAADP PP MEDIA BRIEF

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Hundreds of people including farmer organisations, agriculture government officials and African Union representatives will gather in Johannesburg this week (23-26 March) for the 11th Partnership Platform (PP) on Africa’s policy framework for agricultural transformation – the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

This is the first Partnership Platform since the Malabo Declaration was agreed by African Union Heads of State and Government in 2014. The Declaration is a set of ambitious concrete goals for agricultural growth and transformation in Africa to be reached by 2025.

Its theme this year is “Walking the Talk: Delivering on Malabo Commitments on Agriculture for Women Empowerment & Development”. The overall objective is to shape how the Malabo ambitions and new specific commitments will be translated into action, results and impact; focusing on the systemic institutional and policy changes that are being targeted to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of CAADP efforts.

Francesco Rampa, the Head of the European Centre for Development Policy Management’s Food Security programme will attend the event and is available for interview.

Francesco Rampa argues that Regional Economic Communities (RECs) should have a stronger role in CAADP implementation. He said: “RECs are better positioned than continental institutions in helping Member States in their own CAADP processes.  And they have another advantage, they can learn from each other on designing and implementing the regional compacts and investment plans that are crucial complements to the national CAADP plans”.

Capacity strengthening for RECs themselves is key, both to strengthen their national level support and for the implementation of regional CAADP investment plans (including more policy enforcement capacity for regional decisions).” 

ECDPM has done a significant amount of work around CAADP:

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To arrange for an interview at the event please contact Emily Barker at or +32474123473

Photo courtesy of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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