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Podcast series: Climate Adaptation Talks

In this podcast series, which features episodes in English and French, we want to explore the strategies that different countries are using to adapt to an increasingly volatile climate. In each episode – up until the run-up to the first-ever Climate Adaptation Summit in 2021 – one of our experts will talk to a guest about their projects and ideas to maximise the potential of climate adaptation.

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Climate Adaptations Talks – Episode 3: Caroline Mwongera
16 November 2020

In our third episode, Paulina Bizzotto Molina, policy officer of ECDPM’s Sustainable food systems team, talks to Caroline Mwongera, Global Leader for Policies and Institutions for Climate Action at the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture, and a farming systems and climate change expert.

The two discuss adaptation in food systems and how digital solutions can bridge the gap between science and farmers and the most vulnerable communities.

Climate adaptations talks | Épisode 2 avec Ibrahima Fofana
26 Octobre 2020

Dans le deuxième épisode de notre nouvelle série de podcasts sur l’adaptation au climat, Sophie Desmidt est rejointe par Ibrahima Fofana, responsable de programme à Wetlands International, basé à Mopti, au Mali. Il nous parle de son travail pour renforcer la résilience au changement climatique dans un contexte d’insécurité.

Climate adaptations talks | Episode 1 with Saleemul Huq
5 October 2020

In our first episode, Hanne Knaepen, who is coordinating ECDPM’s climate work, talks to Professor Saleemul Huq, Director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development in Bangladesh, and a leading global expert on climate change and sustainable development, particularly from the perspective of developing countries.

The two discuss South-South learning to understand what vulnerable African countries can learn from Bangladesh from a policy, financing and practical point of view.

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