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Jacquie Dias

  • Information management


Jacquie Dias, a British national, joined ECDPM in 2000 and is responsible for the maintenance of the Centre’s website, management of the contacts database, dissemination of information, the ECDPM library and information support to staff. Prior to working at ECDPM, Jacquie was the assistant to the Director at the European Fair Trade Association (EFTA) in Maastricht and Research Secretary at the United Nations University/Institute for New Technologies (UNU/INTECH), Maastricht.

Areas of work

  • Updating and maintenance of ECDPM website
  • Maintaining centre’s contact database and dissemination of information/publications
  • Information provision
  • Maintaining library and subscriptions to journals

Pre-ECDPM assignments

  • Assistant to Director, European Fair Trade Association (EFTA), Maastricht
  • Research Secretary, United Nations University/Institute for New Technologies (UNU/INTECH), Maastricht

    Jacquie Dias

    Information Officer Dissemination and Information Support




    English, Dutch


    • +31 (0)43 350 29 18


    Maastricht office

    Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 21

    6211 HE Maastricht