Making policies work

Our programmes

We strategically focus our work through five programmes: European External Affairs, African Institutions and Regional Dynamics, Migration, Security and Resilience, Economic and Agricultural Transformation. But these programmes don’t operate in isolation. They are intertwined, working towards a common set of results and impact.

European External Affairs

The EU is dealing with a number of challenges close to home, while at the same time seeking to play a more significant role in solving global problems. We want to assist the EU institutions and member states in working towards coherent and effective foreign and development policy.

African Institutions and Regional Dynamics

African countries and regions are taking steps to develop and implement policies to promote their own socio-economic development, but meaningful institutional reform is often undermined, hijacked or even reversed by groups or individuals operating according to particular interests and incentives. We study the actors and factors at play within different reform processes at the continental, regional and national levels.


Migration and mobility can stimulate development as drivers of social and economic change, but they also pose significant challenges. We want to help tackle these challenges, making use of the potential of migration for global development and improving dialogue and cooperation on migration between Europe and Africa.

For an overview on the work of ECDPM’s migration team, please visit our dossier page:

Security and Resilience

African and European institutions are torn between managing urgent crises and tackling the structural causes and consequences of violent conflict. We explore more effective and sustainable ways to prevent conflict and build peace, and promote strategic partnerships between African and European actors.

Economic and Agricultural Transformation

Economic and agricultural transformation is central to many African and European development strategies. It can create more and better jobs, stimulate economic growth and tackle inequality. We want to help accomplish these goals. We focus on finance, trade and investment, the private sector and sustainable food systems.