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Video playlist: ETTG 2013 Conference on Africa-EU relations

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All interviews carried out during the 2013 European Think-Tanks Group Conference on the future of Africa-EU relations.

1) Interview with Heike Rüttgers

Heike is Head of Division of the Portfolio Management and Policy Division in the ACP Department (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) at EIB, dealing with non-operational matters such as the management of the ACP Investment Facility, the business plan and any other policy or strategy matters and institutional relationships with stakeholders.

2) Interview with Joseph Chilengi

Mr Chilengi is the African co-Chairperson of the Africa-EU Civil Society Joint Steering Committee and a member of the Africa Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) Permanent General Assembly

3) Interview with Mr Kamala

Mr Kamala is the Tanzanian ambassador to the Benelux region. He was a contributor to the panel on food security. In this video he talks about barriers to trade, policy coherence in relation to bio-fuels and the the issues of food security.

4) Live stream: Speech Pedro Pires

Pedro Pires is the Former President of Cape Verde and winner of the 2011 Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership.

This was a test live stream – with the added complication of Mr Pires choosing to deliver the speech in Portuguese. You can find more information about the conference and transcript of the speech at the bottom of this page:

5) Interview with Justin Chinyanta

Justin Chinyanta is an investment banker.  Justin says, “everyone looks at Africa as one monolith, when it is not. It is three different markets with three different approaches”.

“Rwanda has moved from a perspective where it was almost the shame of Africa, to a perspective where it has raised $400m from the international capital mark.”

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