Making policies work


ECDPM has embarked on a restructuring of our management team and governance to prepare the Centre for the next five-year strategy. We appointed three associate directors – chosen among our current staff – to oversee three thematic clusters, each composed of several workstreams.  The colleagues that were heads of programme, are now either heading a workstream or have become senior executives. 


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Carl Michiels

Nationality: Belgian

Mariella Di Ciommo

Associate Director: Europe and Africa in the world
Nationality: Italian

Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw

Associate Director: Peaceful societies and accountable governance
Nationality: Ethiopian

Jeske van Seters

Associate Director: Sustainable African economies and climate action
Nationality: Dutch

Andrew Sherriff

Associate Director: Institutional relations and partnerships
Nationality: British

Virginia Mucchi

Head of Outreach and Impact
Nationality: Italian

Marleen Ackermans

Head of Human Resources
Nationality: Dutch

Riaan Paul

Head of Finance and Operations
Nationality: South African

Senior Executives

Geert Laporte, ECDPM

Geert Laporte

Senior Executive
Nationality: Belgian

Volker Hauck

Senior Executive
Nationality: German

Head of workstreams

Alexei Jones

Head: EU foreign and development policy
Nationality: French and British

Anna Knoll

Head: Migration and mobility
Nationality: German

Chloe Teevan

Head: Digital economy and governance
Nationality: Irish

Philomena Apiko

Head: AU-EU relations
Nationality: Ugandan

Sophie Desmidt

Head: Peace, security and resilience
Nationality: Belgian

Jean Bossuyt, ECDPM Jean Bossuyt (Senior Executive)

Head: Democratic governance
Nationality: Belgian

San Bilal (Senior Executive)

Head: Economic recovery and transformation
Nationality: Swiss

Alfonso Medinilla

Head of climate and green transition – geopolitics and renewable energy
Nationality: Belgian

Hanne Knaepen

Head of climate and green transition – adaptation and resilience
Nationality: Belgian

Bruce Byiers

Head: African economic integration
Nationality: British

Francesco Rampa

Head: Sustainable food systems
Nationality: Italian