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Great Insights, Volume 6, Issue 2 (May/June 2017)

May 2017

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Sealing the leak: Addressing financing around the 2030 Agenda
Talking Points, Luckystar Miyandazi, 19 April 2017
The theme of the High-level Political Forum on sustainable development this year will be “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world”. In this blog, Luckystar Miyandazi explains why sealing the leak of illicit financial flow is essential to finance the success of the sustainable agenda in Africa.

Corruption: A complex method of tax dodging in Africa
Talking Points, Luckystar Miyandazi, 31 March 2017
In this blog, Luckystar Miyandazi looks at the link between corruption and tax dodging in Africa. African countries have a responsibility to ensure stronger and more cohesive institutional frameworks, reinforce policy implementation for good governance and against corruption. At the same time, they should work with international partners to guarantee transparency over who ultimately owns and controls multinational corporations, to expose wrongdoing and to disrupt illicit financial flows. Ensuring that electoral democracy, accountable, rule-based governance and demand for better quality public goods and services improve, is a pre-condition for any other action to be successful.

What does the European Parliament say about the EU’s international cultural relations?
Talking Points, Greta Galeazzi, 23 March 2017
In a moment of existential crisis for the European Union, culture might seem irrelevant. Yet, for a meaningful refounding of the European project, culture and values need to be at the heart of the debates in Europe.

Egypt under the spotlight: Can it be a safe third country?
Talking Points, Tasnim Abderrahim and Anna Knoll, 17 March 2017
While the EU-Turkey deal, together with the closure of the Balkan route, succeeded in significantly cutting the number of refugees crossing the Balkans, the more perilous Central Mediterranean route is back in the spotlight. Egypt is one of the key points of departure.



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