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Great Insights, Volume 5, Issue 4 (July/August 2016)

July 2016

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Brexit: First post-referendum thoughts
Talking Points, Geert Laporte, Andrew Sherriff, Volker Hauck, San Bilal, 1 July 2016
In what has been regarded as one of the most significant events in European history in the last 40 years, the UK has voted in referendum to leave the EU. This result is going to have a considerable impact on Europe and Africa, including the various specific areas in which ECDPM is working.

Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture: A renewed research and dialogue agenda is needed
Talking Points, Francesco Rampa, 24 June 2016
One of the most pressing global challenges is making our food systems more sustainable. As part of that, there is no other option than making agriculture “climate-smart”. This requires combining sustainable increases of agricultural productivity,  adaptation to climate change, and reduction of greenhouse gases and deforestation.

Development diplomacy in the #EUGlobalStrategy: No slip of the tongue
Talking Points, Damien Helly, 11 May 2016
Unless heads of State decide otherwise, the EU will have a new Global Strategy for foreign and security policy by the end of June. One of the building blocks of the EU Global Strategy (here referred to as EUGS for the sake of brevity) is development diplomacy. The latter, in line with the new 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals, focuses on prosperity, human dignity and sustainability. Both the EUGS and the 2030 Agenda provide the opportunity to design a sound and effective EU development diplomacy. To achieve this, the EU and its Member States need to keep in mind three key principles.

CAADP’s future? Focus on informal private sector and politics!
Talking Points, Francesco Rampa, 29 April 2016
Two weeks ago, in Accra, I attended the CAADP Partnership Platform, the annual event where all stakeholders get together to discuss progress with CAADP implementation. Unfortunately, like in my assessment last year, there was “little walk” on the promise to “walk the talk” and deliver concretely on the agricultural transformation commitments of the AU Malabo Declaration.