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GREAT insights Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1 (December 2014/January 2015)


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Behind the Facade: Looking Deeper into Busan | New Mega-Trade Deals: What Implications for Africa? | Aid on Demand. Weekly Compass, 24 November 2014
AidData investigates whether the political leaders of aid-receiving countries use Chinese foreign aid inflows to further their own political or personal interests. Aid allocation biased by leaders’ selfish interests arguably reduces the effectiveness of aid, negatively affecting development outcomes. AidData’s research shows that current political leaders’ birth regions receive substantially larger Chinese financial flows than other regions. They do not find evidence that leaders shift aid to regions populated by groups who share their ethnicity. AidData also wrote a blog on mapping the Chinese investments in Africa. Deborah Brautigam disputes a Guardian article on this study. She says the article got many things wrong about the report.

A World on its Way to Sustainable Development | Strengthening Commitments to Food and Nutrition Security | Jobs. Weekly Compass, 14 November 2014
The Global Nutrition Report 2014: Actions and Accountability to Accelerate the World’s Progress on Nutrition is an outcome of the 2013 Nutrition for Growth summit in London, where dozens of stakeholders joined forces to make financial and other commitments to combating malnutrition. It examines several dimensions of nutrition status and progress globally and by country, and brings together evidence on the coverage of programs designed to reduce malnutrition both directly and indirectly. By reporting on whether countries, donors, companies, and other stakeholders have carried out the investments and actions to which they have committed themselves, it serves as a tool for accountability. Developed by IFPRI and IDS.

Accelerated Progress in Africa Towards the MDGs | Strengthening Governance to Prevent Conflict in Africa. Weekly Compass, 7 November 2014 
Performance on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has varied by country and region, but Africa has accelerated progress despite unfavourable conditions and the adverse effects of the recent food, fuel, financial and Eurozone crises. This is according to the “MDG 2014 report: Assessing progress in Africa toward the Millennium Development Goals” from the African Development Bank and partners. Though poverty rates are declining, the pace is still too slow to meet the MDG target. The primary education enrollment target is on track, but more progress is needed on employment generation. The report also assesses progress in the other MDGs and examines income inequality and climate change amongst other issues. The report also finds that while some of the priorities identified in the Common African Position on the Post-2015 Development Agenda are reflected in the preliminary report of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals, much more needs to be done in order to comprehensively influence this process.