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Great Insights, Volume 6, Issue 3 (July/August 2017)

July 2017

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Time to move to an interest-driven Africa-EU political partnership (part two)
Talking Points, Geert Laporte, 26 June 2017
In his second blog on EU-Africa relations, Geert Laporte proposes eight measures for Europe and Africa to build the strong partnership that everyone seems to want. But is everyone willing to support the tough decisions that these measures would entail?

Time to move towards an interest-driven Africa-EU political partnership (part one)
Talking Points, Geert Laporte, 19 June 2017
In the first of a two-part blog series, our Deputy Director Geert Laporte takes a critical look at the state of the Africa-Europe partnership and the Joint Communication, and gives an answer to the question that the document did not even dare to ask: why is this partnership not delivering the desired results?

UK election and Brexit: No clarity in sight for development and trade
Talking Points, Andrew Sherriff, 11 June 2017
The UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May’s gamble on increasing her parliamentary majority and – in her mind – getting a stronger mandate for Brexit negotiations from the UK electorate has backfired spectacularly. Theresa May’s own authority has been seriously, and some would say fatally, damaged.

Rethinking Germany’s peace policy: From crisis management to sustainable peace?
Talking Points, Matthias Deneckere and Andrew Sherriff,  9 June 2017
Violent conflict at Europe’s doorsteps, record levels of forced displacement and a concentration of poverty in fragile states have shown the importance of building sustainable peace. At the same time, global power shifts and the rise of populism and nationalism are just a few illustrations of a world in transition where existing institutions, norms and practices are increasingly questioned. It is not yet clear what impact these changes have on the political and financial support to peacebuilding. This is why ECDPM is currently conducting a study to investigate the changing environment for peacebuilding in Europe.




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