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Making technology work for young Africans


Chioma Agwuegbo, ECDPM Great Insights magazine, Volume 10, Issue 1

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The desire to solve society’s challenges drives Chioma Agwuegbo to look for technological solutions that bridge the gap between government and citizens. We asked her to tell us what she thinks are the biggest challenges young people in Africa face and the role civic technology can play in solving them. Could technology be the key for Africa to leapfrog forward?

Chioma Agwuegbo is Executive Director at TechHerNG, which demystifies technology for women and applies tech solutions towards societal problems, especially as they affect women. Chioma has a Master’s Degree in Social Media and a first degree in Mass Communication. In recognition of her work with women and politics, she was an inaugural speaker at the Global Women Leaders Forum in Iceland in November 2018.

Twitter: @ChiomaChuka

This video was published in Great Insights Volume 10, Issue 1


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