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Frauke de Weijers’ external publications and contributions

Welcome to new thinking in governance and beyond
Frauke de Weijer, OECD Institutions and Stability blog, October 23, 2015

A context of multiple institutions: Engaging in fragile settings
Frauke de Weijer, The Broker, 4 November 2013

A capable state in Afghanistan: A building without a foundation?
Frauke de Weijer, UNU WIDER Working Paper, WP/2013/063, June 2013

Taming fragility?
Frauke de Weijer on Aid on the Edge of Chaos, 12 March 2012

Rethinking approaches to managing change in fragile states
Frauke de Weijer, Center for International Development, Harvard Kennedy School, Fellow research paper, September 2012

Capacity Building in the Ministry of Rural Development – A Success Story. In: Snapshots of an Intervention: The Unlearned Lessons of Afghanistan’s Decade of Assistance (2001–11)
Frauke de Weijer, Afghan Analysts Network e-book, July 2012

Changing the rules of the game; rebuilding fragile states
Frauke de Weijer, The Broker, issue 26 October/November 2011, pp 8-15

A systems perspective on institutional change.
Frauke de Weijer, Paper presented at the Conference on ‘Foreign Policy as a Complex System’ at the Santa Fe institute for complexity research, 2011

Fragile States: Stuck in a Capability Trap?
Pritchett, L. and Frauke de Weijer, World Development Report 2011 Background Paper, World Bank, 2010

Capacity building in the Ministry of Rural Development – A success story?
Frauke de Weijer. Afghan Analysts Network e-book (forthcoming)

Afghanistan’s Kuchi Pastoralists: Change and Adaptation.
Frauke de Weijer, Journal of Nomadic Peoples, Vol. 11 (1) pp. 9–37, 2007