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    EU-Tunisia cooperation on migration: Conflicting agendas?

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    Taking steps ahead: Towards a new vision for migration in 2017

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    Making Waves: Implications of the irregular migration and refugee situation on Official Development Assistance spending and practices in Europe

Migration and mobility have huge potential to stimulate development as drivers of social and economic change. They can improve livelihoods of individuals and families and contribute to economic growth. However, migration also poses challenges, as current events across the globe illustrate.

We aim to promote sustainable strategies to tackle these challenges and help leverage the potential of migration for global development. We also work to improve dialogue and cooperation on migration and mobility between Europe and Africa.

We closely follow developments in European policy on migration, including its implementation and implications for relations with partner countries, particularly in Africa. We also work with African actors on the topic, to serve as a broker between Europe and Africa. To advance dialogue between the continents, we inject critical analysis into the debate and aim to facilitate greater understanding of each other’s viewpoints and interests.

Our work on migration and international cooperation

In this dossier, you can find an overview of ECDPM’s work on migration and international cooperation.