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Youth Plug-In Initiative

7 November 2017 2:00 pm
15 November 2017 5:00 pm

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The Youth Plug-In Initiative is a project initiated by the European Union and the African Union, to achieve the meaningful inclusion of youth as ‘agenda setters’ in the run up to the 5th AU-EU Summit. Thirty-six young people from Africa and Europe will work together to identify common themes and issues, which will be presented to state leaders at the Summit, and beyond.

What will the participants discuss?

Participants will plug into AU and EU central topics. They will meet AU and EU officials and stakeholders, as well as non-institutional experts and practitioners in Addis Ababa and Brussels. They will then gather in cluster groups to focus on specific topics:

  • Business, job creation and entrepreneurship
  • Culture, sports, and arts
  • Education and skills
  • Environmental preservation and climate change
  • Governance, political and democratic inclusion and activism
  • Peace and security

Our involvement

ECDPM will support the initiative in two phases:

Jean Bossuyt will hold a presentation on 7 November, during the 2nd plenary session of the programme, when the thirty-six participants will be meeting institutional as well as non-institutional actors in Brussels. He will talk about the political economy analysis of the relationship between Africa and Europe.

On 15 November, a group of ECDPM experts will spend the morning with the eighteen young participants who will stay in Brussels (while the other half of the group will be following a parallel programme in Addis Ababa). They will facilitate the meeting between the young people from each of the five thematic clusters and relevant non-institutional actors. The meeting is aimed at further enriching the youth’s knowledge and give them the opportunity to discuss important topics with experts and practitioners.

More on the AU-EU Summit: dossier on Africa-Europe relations

ECDPM will follow closely the events related to the Summit, and the Summit itself. Which issues will European and African leaders discuss during the fifth AU-EU Summit? What is the current status of the relationship and how can it be strengthened? Ahead and after the Summit, we will try to answer these questions (and more) in our new Africa-Europe dossier.

Previous ECDPM involvement with youth

An event organised for young people, by young people, where ECDPM younger staff facilitated two interactive workshops on youth as a shared priority for Africa and Europe, and on climate-smart agriculture. Read the blog.

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