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Workshop on SDG implementation

2 May 2016
3 May 2016

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Early experience of selected OECD countries with a focus on Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development

This event, organised jointly with the World Resources Institute, aims to first share experiences with SDG implementation based on a set of preliminary country case studies and cross-cutting analyses, and secondly to feature measurement and analytical tools available to shed light on policy coherence challenges across this new agenda.

Viewing the 2030 agenda as an integrated whole can help in identifying potential policy synergies as well as trade-offs, and suggest where policies may need to be more coherent. A policy coherence lens can support effective policy making for the SDGs both horizontally, across sectors and the social, economic and environmental spheres, and vertically, looking at international spillovers – both positive and negative – of domestic policies and actions. 

The meeting will be opened by OECD Deputy Secretary General Douglas Frantz and Kitty van der Heijden, WRI, and participants will consist of wide range of stakeholders from the case study countries, PCD Focal Points, representatives from international and regional organisations as well as from think tanks.

ECDPM’s James Mackie will present a case study on ‘Regional perspective – Europe: EC approach to PCSD’.



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