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The end of the chain

3 May 2017 5:00 pm
3 May 2017 7:00 pm

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The foodFIRST series of the Vijverbergsessions focus on the farmer-entrepreneur and how to enable them to compete on the urban markets for quality food. Essentially this is about producing for the demand of urban consumers. When looking at the demand side of the food system, there is a wider picture: not only agro-production, but also the processing, logistics and distribution, and retail come in the picture. What opportunities and exigencies does this yield for farmers who want to extend their business, for entrepreneurs who want to enter the food business, and for peripheral businesses.

When looking at the consumer in African urban centres, what do those demands mean for the production of food: the variety of produce, the quality, and the availability throughout the year. What opportunities exist, what opportunities are being seized, and what is needed for entrepreneurs to jump in.


Rabobank Den Haag
Bezuidenhoutseweg 5
The Hague
the Netherlands

Sustainable food systemsAgricultureAfrica