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Workshop on Sustainable Agri-Food Systems Strategies (SASS)

5 December 2018

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The SASS (Sustainable Agri-Food Systems Strategies) consortium, together with the World Vegetable Centre (AVRDC) and OIKOS East Africa, organise a multi-stakeholder workshop on 5 December 2018 at AVRDC facilities in Arusha, Himo Rd, Sing’isi, Tanzania.

During this workshop we will provide updates to local stakeholders about our initial research insights, and we will work together towards a participatory food system mapping. Moreover, we will discuss future directions in terms of possible ideas and solutions towards making such food system more sustainable (from economic, social and environmental points of view).

More information about our work on SASS is available here. More information about this meeting can be found in the agenda.

ECDPM’s Paulina Bizzotto Molina and Carmen Torres are organising this event.


Himo Rd, Sing'isi,

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