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Strengthening effects of Dutch investment in African agri

18 January 2017 5:00 pm
18 January 2017 7:00 pm

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This Vijverbergsession will focus on Dutch private sector investments in African food value chains and how to assess and strengthen their positive effects on the local enabling environment, specifically employment, entrepreneurship and capacity development of young people in the agrifood sector.

Three different Dutch companies will give a short pitch on one of their investments in Africa in the agri-food sector. The moderator will aim to get the speakers beyond the usual promo-talk and get to the heart of matters. In the second part of the discussion, the experience and role of other partners of the Dutch Diamond and African stakeholders will be explored.

The objective of this meeting is to discuss the practical challenges and opportunities of investing in agribusiness in Africa, the role of the enabling environment in strengthening the positive effects of private sector on sustainable short and long term agricultural transformation with people from business, policy makers, researchers, NGOs and other stakeholders.


Rabobank Den Haag
Bezuidenhoutseweg 5
The Hague
the Netherlands

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