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EU-Africa relations: Time for a reset? A workshop organised by Euractiv & Gates Foundation

26 September 2018 12:00 am
26 September 2018 2:00 pm

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Africa and Europe are interconnected by close geographical, business and historical ties. After years during which it received less attention, Africa now tops the European Union political agenda.
The upcoming EU-ACP talks, starting in September 2018 on a successor to the 2000 Cotonou Agreement, are the opportunity to reset the EU-Africa relationship and tackle a series of issues relevant to all partners.
The EU is expected to put migration control at the centre of the talks. The European Commission also hopes to broker a separate continental pact with African countries alongside an umbrella agreement with the ACP countries. On the other hand, the African Union is aiming to be the representative of the African continent at the talks.

The debate will focus on the future of EU-Africa relations, looking ahead to post-Cotonou cooperation, tackling such topics as economic development in Africa, trade partnerships, migration and the role of civil society. A range of development-related and investment policies will also be addressed.

ECDPM’s Deputy Director Geert Laporte will be a speaker at this event.


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