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SME Financing in Africa

11 March 2015 9:15 am
11 March 2015 8:30 pm

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This one day symposium aims to inform small and medium entrepreneurs across Africa via the Pan African Chamber of Commerce about the ACP PSD strategy and tools to improve the business climate leading to increasing access to finance.

The ACP private sector is the key player targeted by this project and the ACP PSD Strategy has a much wider range of stakeholders involved in its development and implementation.

The ACP PSD strategy will facilitate inclusive and sustainable business models, to enhanced business activity and the creation of decent work for all within ACP States and regions. The main objective of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce is to advise small and medium size business operators to better tackle the access to finance as a challenge to their development, and in particular to improve understanding of the positive effects of current economic growth enabling the SME to play their central role in economic development, job creation and the maintenance of social stability.



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