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The role of Mediterranean local authorities and youth in advancing SDG11

10 April 2018

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The Mediterranean region is in the middle of a strong spatial transformation linked to population growth, widespread urbanisation and deep socio-economic changes. This transformation is particularly evident in cities. In a context characterised by disengagement of the State and weak local finances, the Mediterranean towns are or will be faced with management of the contradictory goals between the aspiration to achieve integration in a globalising economy, the growing difficulties to meet the needs of the local population, and the responsibility of managing urban environment. In this regard local authorities bring unique added value to sustainable development in the region.

They are key to mobilizing different stakeholders to collaborate, thus generating collaborative approaches for pursuing common development goals. Due to their proximity and territorial presence, as well as knowledge of local needs, local authorities can participate greatly in maximising the effects of development assistance by bilateral and multilateral donor institutions. However local capacities for decision-making and management are generally limited due to a limited transfer of resources and an effective multi-level governance system.The seminar will explore the role of local authorities in improving the liveability of Mediterranean urban areas, focusing on youth as a key driver for stability in the region.

Giulia Maci is a speaker at this event (intervention title: Urban transformation through youth engagement).


Istituto Affari Internazionali
Via Angelo Brunetti, 9