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The research and innovation potential for stronger partnerships: The case of the collaboration between Cabo Verde and Europe

11 February 2019 3:00 pm
11 February 2019 4:00 pm

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The West Africa Institute and the European Centre for Development Policy Management organise a seminar on how research and innovation can play a fundamental role in reinforcing partnerships between Africa and Europe. It does so by taking the collaboration between Cape Verde and Europe as a case in point.

This seminar is part of a research project that aims to gather the different perspectives of multiple African stakeholders on collaboration in the area of research and innovation with Europe and a wider workstream on the EU’s engagement with middle-income countries.

Research and innovation (R&I) is emerging as an area where more demand-driven, mutual interest partnerships can emerge between European and African middle-income countries. Indeed, R&I is an increasingly strategic area for national and regional development in Africa and the options available for international partnerships are widening, in a world where many more countries and societal actors produce knowledge and innovate in fields that range from fisheries to education, from big data to climate change.

Cabo Verde is one of the countries that has put human capital development, innovation and education at the centre of its development strategy and, to some degree, its foreign policy.

This seminar will convene experts on R&I in Cape Verde, West Africa regionalisation and EU external policies for them to exchange views on the R&I landscape in Cabo Verde and West Africa, and the experience of collaboration with Europe, including vis-à-vis the R&I opportunities offered by players in other parts of the world.

Among the institutions involved, besides the two co-organisers, there will be the University of Cape Verde.

Our work on the collaboration between the EU and middle-income countries

Discover the social shorthand below to know more about our work on the topic. You can also read our latest publication on the topic, concerning EU and middle-income countries collaboration in the fight against climate change.


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