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Putting Employment at the Centre of Economic Transformation

9 March 2015 9:30 am
9 March 2015 1:15 pm

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Join us for a half-day seminar that will present recent research on employment and development with a view to helping focus policy discussions in terms of how to better link these with policies to promote economic transformation. The seminar will present research from the Development Progress project, carried out in collaboration with ECDPM, and from ODI’s Private Sector & Markets programme.

Jobs and economic transformation are increasingly at the centre of developing country policy concerns. Informal, agricultural employment has long represented a large share of employment in developing countries, yet recent high economic growth rates with seemingly little formal job creation, particularly in Africa, have highlighted the importance of employment creation as a key development policy goal. This is combined with a recognition of the need to go beyond social expenditures to sustainably raise incomes and improve well-being in developing countries.

There is also recognition that not all jobs are ‘good’ jobs and there is a need to ensure ‘decent work’. Employment outcomes can be looked at in terms of quantity of jobs created, quality of those jobs, and access to them by different population groups. Questions emerge about which policies can address which of these three aspects through their impact on demand for labour, and the supply of the labour workforce, with clear linkages to the way that the private sector and markets operate.

At the same time, livelihoods in low-income countries are often maintained through activities that are not fully captured by employment data, often in agriculture, but also in non-agricultural informal activities, with very little recorded market exchange.

The focus of this event will be on the lessons that can be drawn from country experience with regards to employment progress and economic transformation, skills and entrepreneurship.

This event will be followed by a networking lunch.

ECDPM’s Bruce Byiers will be co-chairing this meeting.



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