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Pushing the envelope with the EFSD(+): Fostering additionality in EU external investment (Lunchtime roundtable)

25 March 2019 12:30 pm
25 March 2019 2:30 pm

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The Center for Global Development Europe (CGD) and the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) organised a private roundtable discussion over lunch on Pushing the envelope with the EFSD(+): Fostering additionality in EU external investment, and was held on Monday 25 March from 12:30 to 14:30 at the Maastricht University’s Campus in Brussels (Avenue de Tervueren, 153).

This event was the first in a series of closed-door meetings organised by CGD and ECDPM providing an informal platform to address key issues related to the  European architecture for external investment. It brought together the community of development finance institutions (DFIs), the European Commission, EU member states and other stakeholders in a private and independent setting, to take forward discussions on the ‘additionality’ dimension of the proposed new external investment platform and instruments post-2020. In great part, the global financing for development strategy has pinned its hopes on the DFIs to increase investment in capital-scarce, under-served developing country markets. But is the EU really adding to the quantity and quality of investment or merely substituting for what DFIs are doing anyway? Thus, the exam question for the roundtable discussion is: In designing its new investment framework, how can the EU ensure in a transparent and objective manner that support to DFIs takes them beyond “business as usual” and incentivises them to mobilise investment for under-served markets, with greater sustainable development impact?

San Bilal, Head of Trade, Investment and Finance at ECDPM provided opening remarks and framed the discussion. All participants were invited to contribute to the discussion which was chaired by Mikaela Gavas, Co-Director of European Development Cooperation at CGD. To help ensure a frank and useful exchange, the Chatham House Rule applied to the discussions. 

The event was by invitation only.

Download the conference report.

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