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Promoting Women’s Entrepreneurship: Which Policies and Practices Work Best

8 May 2014
9 May 2014

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The role of women entrepreneurs in economic growth and social change continues to dominate recent policy debates on development. But, how does women’s entrepreneurship fuel social and economic development, including job creation and gender equality? What is known about the impact and effects of women entrepreneurship promotion (WEP) policies and support programs? How can private sector and public policy contribute to successful women’s entrepreneurship? Moreover, which WEP policies and practices are sustainable and create inclusive growth and development?


These and related topics will be explored at this international policy & research seminar of the Maastricht School of Management, organized in co-operation with the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E) at the University of Maastricht. The main goal of this event is to co-create knowledge and expertise that can feed joint learning, innovative practices and evidence-based policymaking for successful women’s entrepreneurship promotion and gender-just inclusive growth


  • Policies and practices for women entrepreneurship promotion: evidence of impact?
  • Private sector development programs: best practices and instruments that work for women entrepreneurs
  • Empowering women entrepreneurs in the value-chain: best practices and challenges
  • Women’s entrepreneurship promotion in conflict zones
  • Feminist perspectives on entrepreneurship: its potential for transformative economies
  • What works? Public and private collaboration and market driven practices for women’s entrepreneurship promotion.
  • Measuring policy impact on gender justice and inclusive growth: what is the return of investing in women entrepreneurs?


Maastricht School of Management
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