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Principles for Public-Private-Partnerships

6 February 2018 9:30 am
6 February 2018 12:30 pm

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Following a recent study on Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s), 11.11.11 is organising a seminar in collaboration with both HIVA and ECDPM with the aim to stimulate the debate on the potential role for PPP’s in development policy and practice.

In recent years, it has been widely acknowledged by a large number of donors and development agencies that private sector engagement for development will be essential to finance the ambitious development objectives set forward by the SDG-framework. In terms of policy implications, the main question is whether synergies can be found between development and commercial interests when promoting international private investment. Can private and public interest converge to improve development outcomes? And if the answer is yes, how can we identify these opportunities and what does this mean for civil society organisations in practice? Drawing from findings from an ECDPM-HIVA study with specific case study examples, the seminar will provide participants with insights on both the potential benefits and challenges for development results of PPP’s, including good practices. Experiences gained by several NGO’s regarding PPP’s will also be examined. After the seminar, there will be possibility to continue some informal discussion over lunch.

ECDPM’s Jeske van Seters and Sebastian Grosse-Puppendahl spoke at this seminar.  Sebastian Grosse-Puppendahl also gave a presentation.


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