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When Power and Vulnerability Collide: Harnessing Business and Cross-Sector Partnerships to Ensure that No One is Left Behind

21 March 2014

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Business is an essential contributor to the effort to achieve sustainable development. Cross-sector partnerships, also involving business, have huge potential to address issues such as preventable maternal and child deaths, but if partnerships are to make a meaningful contribution then we will need more of them and at greater scale. In addition, how can cross-sector partnerships reach those living in extreme poverty, particularly the world’s most vulnerable children? The objective of this round table is to facilitate a diverse exchange of views between business, EU officials, academics, and World Vision, in order to overcome challenges faced and to identify future opportunities. To catalyse the discussion, input will be provided by Darian Stibbe of The Partnering Initiative and the initial findings of a study by World Vision will be presented.

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