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Post-2015 Charter Initiative Event

20 April 2015

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During the Charter Initiative, organized by the Worldconnectors, True Price, DSM and the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, we got one step closer to forming collaborations on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Netherlands. Many of the 60 signatories took part in the event. This clearly is new terrain on which companies, organizations and government are positioning themselves in the national strategy for the success of SDGs. All the same, every new outcome from this unique Charter will be ground-breaking worldwide.

On 20 April The second meeting of partners that signed the Charter to make an effort on the Sustainable Development Goals took place in The Hague. Amongst the signatories are big names including Philips, Unilever and KLM as well as smaller initiatives such as TruePrice, JustLaw and Dr. Monk. These and other signatories, including De Postcode Loterij, Amef flying doctors and several knowledge institutes such as Erasmus University and Afrika Studiecentrum were present during the Charter Initiative. Other interested organisations also joined the event to explore this new field.

Sebastian Grosse-Puppendahl made a presentation on innovative finance in Africa.

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