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Policy Coherence for Development and Food Security

12 November 2015 1:00 pm
12 November 2015 3:30 pm

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Assessing the Impact of OECD Countries Policies on Trade, Rural Development and Food Security in Tanzania

One of the policy recommendations of Finland’s national Food Security Pilot study (2012-2013) was to support larger research focused on the impact of international policies on food security in developing countries. A pilot study funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and conducted by the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) and Tanzanian Economic and Social Research Foundation, analyzes the impacts of OECD countries policies (including trade and agricultural policies) on food security in Tanzania.
ECDPM’s Fabien Tondel will give a presentation of the pilot study focusing  on:
  • Methodology and study process
  • Presentation of the final report and conclusions
  • Next steps: How can we make use of country level research data to strengthen food security and Policy Coherence for Development in developing countries.
While undertaking the pilot study, the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) and ECDPM organised two consultation workshops in Dar es Salaam. The first workshop took place on 17 November 2014 and the second consultation workshop on 27 November 2014.



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