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Consultation workshop on policy coherence for development on food security in Burkina Faso

28 June 2016

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By invitation only
This consultation, co-organised with CEDRES, is part of a country-level PCD assessment on the impact of European policies on food security conditions in Burkina Faso, taking into account the effects of domestic and  regional policies. This assessment will provide stakeholders with evidence to improve the coherence of  public policies in relation to food security objectives in Burkina Faso and other Sub-Saharan African  countries. Another important objective is to further test and improve the PCD assessment methodology developed by ECDPM, building upon the pilot study conducted in Tanzania. While pursuing  these objectives, this project will strengthen the capacity of local and regional actors to carry out this type of assessment on their own and engage in bilateral and multilateral dialogues related to PCD. The  experience gained through this project is expected to stimulate similar PCD assessments by other OECD countries.
Please find the programme here (in French).
ECDPM’s Fabien Tondel will facilitate this event and give a presentation.

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