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Pathways towards coordinated African migration governance: The African regional organisations’ role

7 April 2016
8 April 2016

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By invitation only

The Potsdam Spring Dialogues 2016 will critically appraise the regional mechanisms for implementing migration governance in Africa. African and European stakeholders will then jointly identify and discuss priorities and fields of action for comprehensive and coherent refugee and migration governance in Africa.

  • Which regional protocols and dialogue processes on migration governance and refugee policy exist in Africa? What gaps are to be closed?
  • Which practical measures are required in order to meet the goals agreed upon?
  • How can the potential afforded by regular migration and mobility be utilised more effectively in the interests of Africa’s development? What measures can be taken to ensure that the out-migration of skilled workers does not become a barrier to development?
  • How can Germany and the EU support actors of migration governance in Africa in order to boost regional economic integration? What options are there to cooperate on developing long-term solutions?
  • In which areas can the EU serve as a model? Where can African stakeholders learn from the experiences and current challenges facing the EU, if appropriate? Where should the EU step up its efforts?

ECDPM’s Anna Knoll will speak at this event.

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