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Exploring pathways for inclusive and sustainable growth with Africa

6 May 2019 11:00 am
6 May 2019 1:00 pm

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As much as the entire world, the African and European continents have the challenge to speed up towards inclusive and sustainable growth. The EU is Africa’s first partner in trade and foreign investment. Moreover, Africa and Europe are strongly linked to each other – on different aspects – regarding the potential of driving and implementing a meaningful sustainability and climate change agenda. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a unique common language but to achieve these goals with impact, companies, policymakers and civil society need to step up their collaborative approaches.
That is why CSR Europe and the King Baudouin Foundation have joined forces – at the occasion of the “Third Brussels SDG Summit” – to organise an exploratory Roundtable to take stock of the current efforts and to seek pathways for more impactful collaborative action. For companies Africa can play a key role in advancing sustainable growth while for African people the further social and economic development is key.

The Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investments and Jobs that the European Commission launched in September 2018 provides a stimulating policy framework for this discussion. National and regional governments create the conditions for social and economic development and governance. The private sector acts through their investments, business development activities, trade and supply chain sustainability approaches. Development agencies, foundations and NGOs have – through their mission and assignments – a natural focus on enhancing sustainable development.

The Roundtable aims to bring together representatives from the private sector, the European Commission, development agencies, policy makers, NGOs, investors and think tanks to reflect upon the current direction, the challenges and the pathways to generate more impactful social and economic development. The dialogue will be built upon experiences from the agricultural sector, energy, health and ICT sector, and will explore pathways for enhanced collaboration.

Geert Laporte will be a speaker at this event.


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