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Partnering for success: How M&E can strengthen partnerships for sustainable development

17 March 2016
18 March 2016

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This two-day conference focuses on how those active in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) can contribute better to partnerships in development. Key questions to be explored include:

  • What kinds of partnerships exist that could benefit from the support of M&E processes?
  • How can M&E strengthen these partnerships for sustainable development?
  • What is specific about the M&E within different kinds of partnerships, as compared to other implementation forms?

The conference will connect the realities of those working in practice with ideas from people who are thought leaders on the partnership topic. Workshops, clinics and presentations will ensure a lively and thoughtful opportunity to question one’s own practice and find inspiration for new ideas.


ECDPM’s Bruce Byiers will deliver a keynote presentation on ‘How to assess CSO-business partnerships for development’.


Hof van Wageningen
Lawickse Allee 9
The Netherlands

Economic recovery and transformationMonitoring and evaluation (M&E)