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Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) and Indigenous Labelling

22 September 2018

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This working meeting is organized by Slow Food in the context of the annual Terra Madre Salone del Gusto with the goal of discussing a pilot strategy to be used by Indigenous Slow Food Presidia to demonstrate Slow Food’s quality control. “Quality” is intended in Slow Food philosophy as an holistic concept which connects organoleptic, environmental and socio-cultural spheres, as stated in the movement’s motto: “good, clean and fair food for all”. Slow Food Presidia projects, in collaboration with the producers, develop tools to account for the quality of the products such as a Production Protocol (a system of rules for internal group control) and a Monitoring and Evaluation System (a system to analyse project sustainability and progress over time).

The Slow Food logo is well known and appreciated by consumers and together with the narrative labelling is an excellent vehicle to favour access to market, and the Slow Food Presidia projects have benefited positively from it. The discussion will highlight paths to improve the system and be able to move from a self-certification of quality to a participatory guarantee system, with the aim of overcoming third-party certification costs and difficulties and facilitating market access. During the meeting, producers and experts will exchange their ideas, models and experiences in order to explore paths to implement two pilot projects in two Indigenous Presidia and eventually to extend the system to all Slow Food Presidia in the world.

ECDPM’s Cecilia d’Alessandro is a panellist at the meeting and will also attend the following two Terra Madre Thematic forums:
  1. Origin, diversity and territories on the topic of “adding value and promoting origin-linked products” organized by this global panel of experts : an international community of practices and knowledge on the interactions between cultural and biological diversities, dynamics of territories and the products of which quality is linked to the origin.


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