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New civic activism and the future of international civil society support

11 October 2016 10:00 am
11 October 2016 5:00 pm

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A workshop convened by the Carnegie Civic Activism Network

Carnegie is initiating a new project to explore new forms of civic activism in developing and transitional countries and their implications for international actors engaged in supporting civil society. We are assembling a group of scholars specialising in civic activism from Brazil, Egypt, India, Kenya, Turkey, and Ukraine. This team will meet regularly, undertake original research on emerging civic movements, and offer ideas on the next phase of international civil society support.

To launch this project, we are organising a framing workshop to bring together our new network of civic activism scholars with a small, select group of experienced aid practitioners and policy experts. Participants will examine the changing forms of civic activism across multiple regions and identify the implications for international civil society support, focusing on several basic questions:

  • What are the most vibrant new areas of civic activism?
  • When, where, and why are new movements successful in their activism?
  • To what extent are funders responding to new activism, and what are best practices?
  • How well suited are current policy instruments to supporting new civic activism?
  • Do we need new forms of civil society support, beyond grants and capacity building?
  • What are the problems associated with supporting new types of activism?
  • How can donors avoid doing harm to new social movements?

We will use the results of the workshop to help guide our project as it unfolds. We hope to maintain relations with all participants on an ongoing basis throughout the project, including a possible follow-up workshop later on.


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