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Natural Resource Conflicts: Sense and Sensitivity in Policies

27 November 2015

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The CoCoon Conference offers a critical learning space for policy makers, researchers and civic actors. How can CoCooN contribute to making policies more conflict sensitive? What can we learn from research in a conserted effort of civic actors and academics? We will harvest what the CoCooN approach has yielded so far and the lessons learned to be used for policy development.

In this conference NWO-WOTRO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will explore how Dutch policies can be made more conflict sensitive. The foundation of the conference is formed by the findings of the CoCooN research and innovation programme. During the last five years, CoCooN has supported consortia of activists and researchers across the global North and South to research the dynamics of natural resource conflicts and to translate their findings into recommendations for policy and practice.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Bezuidenhoutseweg 67
The Hague
the Netherlands

Economic recovery and transformationMiningNatural resourcesThe Netherlands