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Managing Migration for Development: The Need for International Dialogue and the Role of Parliaments

2 October 2014
3 October 2014

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In the year of its 30th Anniversary AWEPA is facilitating an African-European Parliamentary Dialogue on Migration and Development, of which the core moment will be a high level seminar on “Maximizing the Positive Impact of Migration on Development: The Need for International Dialogue and the Role of Parliaments.” This was agreed in consultation with the Pan-African Parliament and the Graça Machel Trust, after of the tragedy of October 2013 when hundreds of migrants lost their lives off the coasts of Lampedusa. The theme was also chosen in light of the growing international attention to migration and mobility as development enablers for the MDGs and the Post-2015 development agenda.

The seminar which will address issues related to migration within Africa and between Africa and Europe, will have the following objectives:

  1. Inform African and European MPs on migration flows within Africa and between Africa and Europe;
  2. Raise awareness among MPs on the migration and development nexus, including the gender-related aspects, the opportunities from migration and challenges faced;
  3. Build knowledge on ongoing policy initiatives on migration in Africa and Europe at the national, regional and continental levels and between Africa and Europe;
  4. Stimulate a debate and reflection on how national, regional and continental parliaments in Africa and Europe can contribute to the development of governance frameworks that are enabling for development, can be mutually beneficial to countries of origin and destination and ensure the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all persons involved.

Expected outputs and outcomes of the seminar are the following:

  1. Strengthened parliamentary dialogue in Africa and between Africa and Europe on migration and mobility;
  2. Enhanced ties and information exchange between parliamentarians, international organizations, experts and NGOs working on migration and mobility;
  3. Parliamentary recommendations for improved dialogue between countries of origin and destination, aimed at promoting sound migration policies that are mutually beneficial for development, combating irregular migration and human trafficking and ensuring the protection of human rights and freedoms.
  4. Parliamentary follow-up actions and initiatives, to strengthen legislative frameworks on migration, oversee government action and adherence to international treaties and obligations and in support of the public outreach campaign on the migration-development nexus, including in the context of the post 2015 development agenda.

The seminar will bring together African MPs, from national parliaments, Regional Parliamentary Bodies and the PAP, MPs of several European Parliaments and the EP, members of AWEPA, African parliamentary staff, representatives of the EC and UAC, international organizations, NGOs, academics, and other participants.

ECDPM’s Kathleen Van Hove will facilitate the working group session on EU-Africa relations.

The report of the seminar is available here.

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