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Information for Meeting Africa’s Agricultural Transformation and Food Security Goals (IMAAFS)

1 October 2014
3 October 2014

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The overall goal of the conference – co-organized by JRC, AUC, NEPAD, UNECA, FAO, WFP and GEO – is to motivate continent-wide production, exchange and storage of available evidence for informing Africa’s agricultural transformation towards improved food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture.

Specifically, the conference aims at:
i) Identifying key opportunities, challenges and solutions for satisfying the unmet need for strategic information and related capacities to inform the continent’s agricultural transformation and hunger eradication goals.
ii) Provide an overview of existing approaches, methods, technical resources and sources of data.
iii) Gathering insights and taking stock of the various initiatives already developed related to information and high quality statistics generation in terms of: agriculture production monitoring; markets and trade; livelihoods including food security and nutrition monitoring; risk management systems.
iv) Creating synergies and opportunities for collaboration among the various initiatives/institutions in order to facilitate integration among different information systems.


United Nations Conference Centre
Menelik II Ave.
Addis Ababa

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