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Informal Knowledge Platform on Sustainable Agricultural Investments: First Workshop

8 November 2013

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ECDPM is planning to organise and facilitate an informal knowledge platform between European, African and Chinese stakeholders on sustainable private investments in African agriculture. The platform aims to strengthen mutual understanding and lesson learning as well as provide a space for trust building and enhanced international partnerships. As Africa is preparing for the AU’s Year of Food Security in 2014, our long term goal is to gradually build a platform for mutually beneficial partnerships for food security and agricultural development. Ultimately, we aspire to create a forum that can help Africa respond more efficiently to its food security challenges, while also assisting public and private partners in further developing their support and contributions.

This meeting is limited to a selected number of invitees.

For more information, contact Anna Rosengren

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The Chinese version of the report can be viewed here

Agenda and list of participants

Download (PDF, 659KB)

Please find the programme here.
Please find the list of participants here.


Please find the report of this meeting here.

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