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Informal CODEV/COHAFA meeting

24 July 2017
25 July 2017

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The Estonian Presidency organised a joint informal working party session for the Working Party on Development Cooperation (CODEV) and the Working Party on Humanitarian Aid and Food Aid (COHAFA).

The first day of the meeting focused on the implications of the new resilience narrative on humanitarian aid and development cooperation. Against the background of the newly launched joint communication on Strategic Approach to Resilience in the EU’s External Action, the informal working group session discussed the interlinkages of security, development and humanitarian aid in the context of the implementation of the EU’s Global Strategy.

The second day explored innovative solutions in humanitarian aid and development cooperation, especially in the context of protracted crises. The aim of the morning session was to improve general understanding of participants on what Big Data is and how it can contribute to the innovative solutions in the field. The second part of the morning focused on bottom-up innovation(s) and humanitarian startups.

ECDPM’s Volker Hauck, Alfonso Medinilla and Tobias Flessenkemper provided input to the programme and facilitated several sessions.

Please find the full programme here.


Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia Conference Center
Liivalaia 33

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