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How to Deliver Capacity Building to Partner Countries

22 September 2015
23 September 2015

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“The added value and relevance of capacity building facilities in the area of migration”

ICMPD contributes with its capacity building activities to good migration governance and aims to strengthen national and regional capacities in order to deal with the current challenges in various fields of migration.  Specifically, through its capacity building programmes, ICMPD develops and organises training programmes, facilitates international and interagency cooperation and supports governmental and administrative bodies in their institution building, policy formulation and legal reform efforts in six thematic areas: irregular migration & return, trafficking in human beings, border management & visa, asylum, migration & development and legal migration & integration.

The capacity building activities are carried out through the ICMPD Competence Centres,  each of which is named according to one of the thematic areas, as listed below. While most of these activities focus on one of the thematic areas, those activities carried out by the MIEUX II programme deal with multiple thematic areas.

ECDPM’s Volker Hauck made a presentation during a workshop was MIEUX (Migration EU expertise), which focuses on providing short-term demand-driven EU expertise (including EU member states expertise) to partner countries. 

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