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Consultation on the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea

22 November 2019
5 December 2019

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This consultation was an opportunity to reflect on the fast-changing political-economic and security trajectories of the two conjoined regions and also to examine the responses of governments and other key actors in the Horn to the associated challenges.

The starting point for the consultation was recognizing that Middle Eastern countries (Egypt, the GCC states, Turkey, etc.) will remain engaged in the Horn for the foreseeable future.  That engagement follows their political, security and economic interests and practices and is changing rapidly in response to circumstances, including Gulf actors learning the limits of their power. Meanwhile the north-east African multilateral peace and security order, which has been as much aspiration as real practice, is more fragile than ever. Currently, we are seeing the construction of ad hoc, task-specific inter-state cooperation and coordination mechanisms spanning the Red Sea and the Horn.

ECDPM’s Lidet Tadesse Shiferaw presented at this event.


Rift Valley Institute
Laikipia Road,

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