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Global Partnerships and Germany’s Role in World Politics

23 September 2014 7:00 pm
23 September 2014 8:45 pm

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At the Munich Security Conference in early 2014 German top politicians advocated a stronger German global role. Germany has a vital interest in international peace and stability and must become an active creator of effective international security policy.

But how are we to implement such multi-dimensional responsibilities into concrete policies? After two decades of international crisis management,
NATO will focus on collective security and strategic partnerships in the near future. Germany is able and willing to make a substantial contribution to the concept of framework nations and combine practical cooperation with strategic considerations.

While the core elements of international security, such as the transatlantic alliance and the norm of nuclear non-proliferation will continue to be strengthened, global challenges such as international terrorism or anti-Western extremism ought to be confronted jointly. The EU also has to have the political will to step up from a security consumer to a security provider. The crisis with Russia has already accelerated many developments.

However, what are the specific expectations for Germany in the context of the NATO-alliance? What are the commitments that the Federal Republic is prepared to meet? Is there a discrepancy between the demands on the political level and sentiments of the population’s majority in Germany, which is not in favour of more global military and security engagement? We hereby would like to cordially invite you to discuss Germany’s
role in the alliance with distinguished experts during this conference.


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